New Nepal Movie Dasdhunga


Nepal Movie ‘Dasdhunga’ featuring Dayahang Rai, Saugat Malla And Anup Baral tells the incident about the gruesome road accident which is based on the real life incident that took away the finest political visionary “Madan Bhandari’ and ‘Jivraj Ashrit’ who got killed in a place called “Dasdhunga’. Rumors followed that this was not an accident but a well baited masterplan to eradicate the towering political personality. The film is made to recall about this incident that happened at Dasdhunga and projects about what had taken place in the life of protagonist who got killed by the mishap.

The movie revolves around a person Kiran Kunwar, working as National Investigation Commission and gets obsessed with the research of the “Das Dhunga” accident that killed two of the prominent UML leaders. The movie starts by explaining the incidents on how it might have started and it keeps you to the edge before interval but after that the movie tilts to other dimension of the researcher’s premonitions and stories that complete the movie.Sadly the paradox behind the accident is not revealed in the movie and this is still a mystery to be solved.Movie tries to point out on issues like was it an accident or attempted murder and why the body of Madan Bhandari not found in this controversial affair but gives not much after this.

Kiran Kumar leaves no stones unturned and come across other characters in the movie to resume the investigation behind the whole incident but doesn’t come up with any thing concrete and is torn by his affair and gets schizophrenic. Despite some loopholes the execution and the performances from the actors in the movie is done well to make the film worthy for the audience.

Dayahang Rai, Anup Baral and Saugat Malla trio has given one of their finest performances.The movie was released in 2010 and evokes questions about the motive behind Lt. Madan Bhandari’s death.The makers wanted to show a different genre of film and recall the unsolved mystery and motive behind the incident of ‘Dasdhunga’.