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Resham Filili
Resham Filili

Resham Filili is a comedy film by Pranab Joshi the film is based on fake plot which attempts to enthrall the audience by giving humour and drama to fasten their seat belts on the ride of entertainment roller-coaster.The highlights of the film is the characters played by polished performers, their interaction that creates the spark and the story line.It starts by showing  Resham who wants to make marriage arrangements for his sister but is not capable financially and ventures to Kathmandu to make his dream come true by getting employment at Qatar and gets deceived by the manpower company which was contacted.The story rolls ahead by making distressed Resham meeting with another character Hariya who is seeking alternatives to earn money and become friends.They decide to act in films but falls on the path of  Dorje Don at Kathmandu.Later they get chance to work on sets of Kharani dai who wants to finalize Bryan as the male lead in his movie.Resham’s love interest is Sunita played by Menuka Pradhan who is a cool punk and supply tire to Dorje Don.The story moves when working as spot boys they try to loot Bryan who have been invested by the manpower company owner but fails along the way.

Resham’s mother is hospitalized and needs Rupees 2 lakhs which causes a huge fight between Resham and Hariya for money.Hariya is seen missing from Resham’s life as he goes to the length of paying the hospital dues of Resham’s mother and  gets kidnapped the climax shows how Resham and his team finds about Hariya’s kidnap and does rescue operation to save him.This is the main plot of the movie. Performances, dialogues, cinematography, background score of the movie are the strongest aspect of this entertaining comedy flick. But apart from this the film has few cliche’s in editing and action departments.The film seems lengthy and dragging at some places and  fight scenes are elaborated unnecessarily.Some scenes are obscene to watch with family although executed humorously. Songs like ‘Jalma’ is a huge hit, peppy and rhythmic. Kamaleshwor Chaurasiya as Hariya is mind blowing. Shishir Bangdel as don, Menuka Pradhan , Vinay Shrestha and other artists fit on their shoes. Since the comedy is not whimsical and hits the reality zone it is worth a watch and full on Paisa Wasool movie.