Bhaag Saani Bhaag Nepali Movie


Bhag Saani Bhag is a romantic drama movie produced by Sahadev Gautam and Bilol Pokharel directed by Naval Nepal and stars Keki Adhikari, Sabin Shrestha in the lead roles.It also has Priyanka Karki,Jeevan Luitel, Ramesh Upreti, Saroj Khanal playing the supporting roles. The film is about the protagonist ‘Sani’ played by Keki Adhikari who aspires to become heroine of Nepali films. She is a witty, fun loving girl who wants to life on her own terms and conditions though being the heart of her parents. She flees  from the  pressure at the time of her marriage.It is known by her parents who are worried for her. She is seen boarding a bus where she comes across male lead Sabin Shrestha who is also seen running away from his family due to pressure and then they come across each other and the chemistry between them sparkles. Assumingly, the fact about them is known to the police when Shrestha’s character falls in a heist and gets sniffed out from policeman.They are given a chance to clear things out by returning back to their respective family.By then both have fallen in love with each other and missing one another.

Sani confesses her story to her parents and gets her father’s support because he doesn’t want to mislead his daughter’s life by getting hitched to the unknown as her heart is set for her man. Shrestha is seen getting prepared by his family to get married with another girl played by Priyanka Karki after he starts taking teaching profession. During their first meeting Karki finds about his life after it gets aired on television with Sani both seen involved with one another behind the stakeout.Karki declines the marriage offer. Sani is again seen in bridal avatar for the next marriage ceremony but flees away this time with a nod from her father and waits in the highway where Shrestha  stops by after seeing her and they confess their love with each other and live together after that.Though the acting is the highlight of the movie the script and screenplay fumbles as it can’t differentiate between real from the reel.The conflict of the whole story is not managed properly and other characters seem to be crowded. Overall the film is worth watching.