New Nepali Movie – Gangster Blues Trailer


Gangster Blues is a love story cum action-crime movie by Hem Raj BC and is releasing on 18 August 2017.The film marks the launch of a new actor Aashirman Desraj Joshi along with female lead Anna Sharma.The teaser of the film shows with the newcomer saying ‘Life is a struggle, never quit from it’.This film shows the hard life and sufferings of a gangster who become criminals and live life on the edge.The protagonist in the movie is full of regrets and problems. He is lured by the enemy to debauchery. Joshi’s character is seen in love with Sharma’s character but all this gets washed out from the evil spell of narcissism,power, lust and greed. The consequences are fatal for the characters in the movie because it is all leading towards grief,violence and tragedy.At the end Joshi is seen as the leader of the mafia who has no way out.

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