‘A Family Man’ is a Hollywood drama movie starring Gerard Butler, Alison Brie.This film is directed by Mark Williams and written by Bill Dubuque. This film revolves around importance of family for the protagonist Gerard Butler who is a successful corporate headhunter at Chicago.

He is a contender for promotion which will lead him as controller of the company. He must beat his contender Alison Brie in the movie to secure his position.A part of him is also shown as a family man and his role of father, husband. His rigorous and overtime work at the office to meet the objectives of the company and earn the promotion from his strict boss played by William Defoe makes him detrimental towards his family members.His wife ask him to spend more time with family which he gives to raise his son Ryan for the adult world. Butler finds that his 10 years old son is at the verge of childhood obesity and takes him for jogging in the morning.His son complained about being tired and bruised. Butler is giving lot of effort to balance his personal and professional life but it doesn’t fit into the shoes of his wife.She ask him to prioritize and later learns that Ryan is diagnosed with cancer.He spends time for his son and losses on the promotion possibility to his rival Brie.He gives more time for his son’s health and looses job eventually for not meeting the profits.Strict William as ‘Ed’ releases Butler from the company’s agreement terms and later is seen starting a job of his own and spending quality time for family.He is cited saying he has everything he needs.The film is scheduled to be released on July 28, 2017, by Vertical Entertainment.