Reason Behind Bhuwan KC Divorce with Sushmita KC

Sushmita KC Bhuwan KC
Sushmita KC Bhuwan KC

Nepali audience have known about Bhuwan K.C and Sushmita K.C. during Nepali Babu and Crorepati days, they were married and gave a birth to a child named “Anmol K.C” who is the current heartthrob of the nation. Sadly Bhuwan and Sushmita called for splits in their relationship with each other over conflicts in their married life. Sushmita is the second wife of Bhuwan K.C and Anmol is the half-brother to the children of his first wife. Certain issues brought by Sushmita in an interview highlighted the negligent aspect of her ex-husband although there was room for love before.

The conflicts brew and they got separated. But, both of them have given a good upbringing to their son Anmol who is equally close to both of them. All the films done by their son have been Anmol’s sole decision and mind makes up with no pressure from parents. Anmol loves both Bhuwan and Sushmita equally and for his protection, he has been assigned with bodyguard due to the craze of his stardom.